Hi all, my name is Lisa. I live in Rhode Island (no, not Long Island, no it’s not in New york, it’s a state in the Northeast). I live with my 2 beautiful and hilarious little girls, my talented chef of a husband, and my furbaby Otis.

For the Geography Buffs

In my travels, I teach 5th grade in an inner-city school, I am an uber driver for my children, shuffling them to playdates, dance, school, with full blown ugly messy buns and work out clothes that I don’t really use for working out. Some days I take care of my aging mom, while other days I neglect my loving husband. Do you feel me yet? Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and I count my blessings each day. But when everything falls on you, and you still have to keep that smile on your face, it can be brutal, physically and emotionally.

Heres’s to providing a community and safe place where we can all talk about our stories of parenting, work life, wifey life, hubby life, and family…..you know, THE HUSTLE. Thrown in the mix, I’d love to share some helpful insights, light hearted stories, recipes from my family, and the stuff we are all thinking but never talk about. 🙂

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